Our words are the primary means of communication, we use them for negotiations, express ideas, interpret imaginary pictures, and weave them into forms of art.
On the other hand, body language was the means of communication in the ages before the human capacity for language had evolved. A zoologist Desmond Morris suggested in 1969 that we owe our nonverbal communication to our animal nature.

Something strange has come to light in the last few years the idea that body language is not only expressing mind-set but that the body can directly influence the mind in its own way.

Our body language happens without our knowledge; we just act as our mind thinks. But, if we look at this idea of embodied cognition, we might find that by becoming aware of our thoughts we have the power to volitionally choose how we react in our present environment, we can purposefully alter our minds to reflect on our attitude towards our work.
When you keep complaining about your job your body will not deliver its best without you being aware of it, having a positive thought about your job makes your body deliver the best at every given time. Let’s explore the possibilities.

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