Ways to Increase Your Intellectual Wellness

Exercise for the mind is just as important as exercising the body, research shows. You’ve heard the saying, “use it or lose it.” That goes for the brain as well.

Maintaining intellectual wellness throughout your life keeps your mind stimulated, promotes creativity and leads to a happier, healthier you. It may even reduce the risk of cognitive decline or slow the onset of dementia symptoms.

6 Ways to Increase Your Intellectual Wellness

  1. Read. Pick up a classic or the latest on the bestseller list. Have a topic you’ve always wanted to learn more about? Pick up the book or download on your tablet or computer. It’s the oldest and best brain exercise.
  2. Journal. Write down your thoughts or stories from throughout your life. This can be a great exercise for your brain, while also helping express feelings. It can even help improve your social wellness by providing a healthy outlet for your anxieties or frustrations.
  3. Play brain games. Grab a pencil and try your hand at sudoku or a crossword puzzle. Go online to Games for the Brain to find a large selection of challenging games such as Mastermind, Crime Scene, trivia, checkers, chess and more. You could even try a video game to improve your health if you’re feeling extra creative.
  4. Experience the arts. Attend and/or participate in cultural events. Music, the arts, dance and other cultural activities can help express creativity and stimulate your brain in new ways. Because intellectual wellness is so closely tied to social wellness, cultural events are a great way to boost your health in both areas while having fun at the same time.
  5. Talk. Did you know that a simple conversation counts as a brain exercise? Bring up a current event for a discussion with friends. Be open-minded and realize that even if you don’t agree with their point of view, you are expanding your mind by having a lively discussion and hearing new ideas.
  6. Attend a lecture. Expose yourself to new ideas. Check out speakers at a local college or retirement community. Lifelong learning is key to maintaining an active, healthy brain.

I read this from a wellness blog I follow and it’s was very effective, I practice this rules and it has in many ways guided my mental wellness.

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