The future of the workforce as we know it will definitely change after COVID-19: many organizations will get used to the new norm and adjust the work routine to suit the trend. A lot of companies will reorient their staff or better still, train them on software that will enable their growth and make working easier.

We have all been dwelling on the negative impact of COVID-19. The silver lining is that working habits will change and long awaiting “flexible working” will be adopted. Organizations might wonder how they will benefit from this change, with the understanding that there are some expenses weighing on overheads that can be averted if a proper structure is put in place in line with the upgrade, expenses like rent ( workspace might reduce to accommodate those that have to work form the office), allowances ( transportation, wardrobe, feeding, and traveling) will be averted and in turn affect the bottom line positively, security risks and measures will be reduced, and so on and so forth. Identifying the positive impact this change will make to the organizational workforce and allowing these changes to reflect in our profit margin by adopting them is what will revolutionize the future workforce.

One might ask how can this work in Nigeria, knowing that we already have challenges with the working method and character of the staff. This is an opportunity to recruit aright i.e. hire people with the right motive to work this way they are more profit-driven then importance to live their houses every day (I don’t understand the last sentence). Redirect daily tasks to results more than attendance by appraising their daily target on results achieved. This means daily targets are placed on incentives and salary increment. This will motivate them to target more than an appearance at work. An employee will say ‘I came to work every day, therefore I should get ABC salary as agreed’. This time, it will be more about how much was achieved to earn the monthly salary.

A lot of employees might see this as work cruelty but if an employee is target driven, this will give him/her more joy because you get to work at your pace so long as you meet your target daily, working without strict supervision gives a lot of focus and reduces office bullying and harassment.

This is the future we are launched into and tools are been made available for it. I will suggest organizations should beginning to train and test run some of these Softwares ( Zoom, Slack, Trello, etc). to know which suits their working culture, so as to properly structure their workforce. this is a welcomed development and i urge us to review as we get ready for this change.

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