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Introducing Prep YourFirm

An Administrative Bootcamp

Prep-Yourfirm is a team based training boot camp for administrative personnel, established to continually train and up skill administrative staff on the best aptitude towards productivity and efficiency. These trainings can be used to bridge the gap between skills required by employers and existing skill sets of employees. The training spans 4 weekends in a month on a quarterly bases and has been developed as a 2 hourly weekend short courses attended by all participants in a classroom. As part of Prep-Yourfirm commitment to deliver result driven training solutions, training curriculums has been developed by a team of Human Resource experts to meet all the unique needs of our clients in the following areas:


About Us

YourFirm Consults and Integrates LTD is an Abuja based consulting firm founded by experienced and certified consultants
that are ambitious about making a difference in the world of Human Resource Management.

The firm is founded with a master plan to revolutionize the Human Resource sector with an advanced system.

Our goal is to develop and maintain a suitable working healthcare environment. We have been proven over the years by a list of satisfied clients the satisfaction they expect to continue in the day to day activities of their organization.

We make it a point of duty to break our work in simple terms to enable a stress-free/ enjoyable working atmosphere. We just don’t offer professional services – we partner with our clients to enhance the skill development of their employees, which is our main goal.

YourFirm Consults and Integrates LTD have identified several specific needs that must be addressed to improve the overall efficiency and K.S.A (Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude) of any institution. Staffing and managing human capital is a strong part of any business because the staff’s contributions have either a negative or positive effect on the image of the organization, which is why any organization’s management should pay close attention to the human resource department.

Our services help streamline important human resource functions, such as insurance/pension documentations, human capital management, compliance management, and grievance settlement.

Our success in managing and protecting the polices that guides an organization has attained the balance in the process of satisfying interests of the organization’s management and interests of the employees.

Our Mission

To absolutely evolve with the advanced method of Human resource management.
To lead in pieces of training and skill development of both our clients and individual.
To provide the ultimate working experience and environment.
Also to ensure that proper grievance settlement.

Our Vision

To be a top Human Resource Consulting company in Africa, in as such that when people want to talk about HR services at its best the will think YourFirm first. As our services are tailored to suit our client's Human resource needs.

Our Commitment

We are professionals and it propagative that we ensure adequate analysis and observations to locate likely future or current challenges with our client organization, and then draft the best strategy to find and implement a solution. Conserving the integrity and growth of our clients is our principal priority.



Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees, but many employers in the current climate find development opportunities expensive. Employees attending training sessions also miss out on work time which may delay the completion of projects. However, despite these potential drawbacks, training and development provide both the individual and organizations as a whole with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment.

The return on investment from the training and development of employees is a no brainer. Our training is in different categories stated below:

Customer Care Service
Patient Care Service
Grievance Settlement
Computer Essentials and File Management
Pre – Retirement training
Office relationship and ethics training.

Workforce Management

Most organization combine the function of the human resources department and administrative function, which has led to the unstructured system that will damage the intended purpose of the organization and in the long run, will disable the system and finally shorten the life span of the organization.

An unstructured system might look cheap to manage, but when analyzed critically, it is a parasite that drains the effort of the organization’s productivity, which will in term bleed the organization dry and if not rescued in-time will lead to the closing down of the organization. We are proposing an opportunity to build a fully-functioning human resource department which will be able to handle to the below challenges of the organization.

Risk Management

A human resource department dedicates valuable time not only in finding the very best staff for the needs of the organization, but also ensuring all compliance factors are considered. Many organizations are failing to maintain accurate and current employee documentation and polices. Without this a type of supporting documentation, your human resource department and thus your organization may find itself at the mercy of the courts.

Personnel know that employment law favors employees to ensure they are not being unfairly treated, accurate and timely documentation is often the defense of any organization. To protect these challenges, documenting and auditing all human resource-related policies, manuals, procedures, and benefits with the cooperation of a lawyer and qualified consultant are part of the defense of any organization.


Organization’s wages and salaries are based on competence and levels; Human Resource team ensures the payroll system is in accordance with federal wages and tax code.

It also extends to the proposing incentives that will increase retention, such as employee recognition programs like training to improve skill and development, entitled leave of work, as rest brings out the best in any staff.


Grievance settlements are complicated challenges faced on a daily basis by most organizations, This leads to ensuring that organizations understand and abide by state and federal employment laws regarding non-compliant employees and risks they face like crippling penalties, fines or lawsuits.

Drafting zero-tolerance policies on discrimination, harassment, occupational safety and administration standards will help employees and managers understand their rights and obligations under the law. Providing staff counselling, guidance and oversee disciplinarily matters reduce the impartiality in the manner the staff is treated.


The candidates we service our clients with are professionals at every field required, we screen and verify their documents before staffing. Our candidates vary from in the office staff (Administrative staff) to site workers (engineers/artisans). Find below our list of categories:

Human resource personnel
Sales representatives
Home appliance installers

Expatriate Services

We provide assistance to our clients who need services with their expatriates’ staff statutory documentation requirements like an expatriate quota, CERPAC, and visas at a very affordable rate. This process includes advice on what kind of visa is needed for the period needed in Nigeria.


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